Gianluigi Antognini graduated in Economics and Commerce in 2005, and in the following years he specialized in the management of outpatient clinics of medical trichologists.

In 2009 he undertook a training and technical course alongside the late Dr. Marino Salin, one of the most important exponents of Polarized Light microscopy; as well as in dermatological clinics alongside ultra-specialized doctors (Dr. Andrea Marliani, Dr. Gaetano Agostinacchio) in the trichological field, accumulating extensive experience acquired with the practice of over 3000 microscopy slides in P.L.

Tricoesthetic diploma - (Advanced Training Course - Edition) approved by Sitri;

Collaboration with Dr. Andrea Marliani on the publication of the Sitri Gitri manual on Microscopy in P.L.;

Lecturer for Microscopy in the Advanced Training Course in Management for Tricoesthetics (LIUC Cattaneo University) - 2nd edition
Technician for Master's Degree in Dermatologists in Trichology of the University of Florence.

Gianluigi Antognini,