School of Trichology

School of Trichology

The School of Trichology is a 5-day intensive course covering the key concepts in Trichology:
        • Anatomy and physiology fundamentals
        • Commonly seen conditions
        • Videodermatoscopy and Microscopy in Polarized Light
        • Cosmetology
        • Scalp microbiome
        • Essential Oils in Trichology

The course is appropriate for both medical doctors and trichology technicians.


The School of Trichology is held in our home city of Florence, Italy, at the beautiful and historic Villa la Stella in the Florentine hills.

The full program for 2024 is currently being confirmed and will be released closer to the course dates.

See Course Brochure

Key Details:

Course Fees: €2000 + 22% VAT (€2440 total)

How to Register: Email to reserve your place. Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer.


Join us in Florence!



Martina Candido

Biotech specialized in Trichological Scienc and Expert in Microscopy in Polarized Light


Gianluigi Antognini

Expert in Microscopy in Polarized Light and International Trainer of Microscopy

Fiorella Bini

President of Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration. 
Medical Doctor specialized in Dermatology and Venereology, Masters in Trichological Microscopy (S.I.Tri.). 
Docent for the the School of Medicine, Agorá aesthetics division, since 2010.

Andrea Marliani

Surgeon specializing in Dermatology and Endocrinology. Honorary Founding President of the Italian Society of Hair Science and Restoration (S.I.Tri).
Docent at the International School of Aesthetic Medicine.
Docent at the Masters in Medical and Surgical Science of Trichology Program at the University of Florence.