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Online Training Course in Hair Science and Trichology

The online Training Course in Trichology is a formative course in Trichology comprised of close to 50 audio/video lessons divided into different themes, teaching students the basics of Trichology through analysis of the main pathologies of the scalp. The course is independent and is not sponsored by any commercial company working in the sector.

Tuition cost for the Online Training Course in Trichology, including the membership fee for the Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration, is:

€900 + 22% IVA/VAT (€1098)

*If your VAT is on the European VIES register you are not required to pay IVA/VAT.

The payment can be made by bank transfer or through PayPal.

The cost of tuition includes:

  • Membership fee for the Italian Society of Hair Science and the dues for the first year
  • The complete course material for the Advanced Training Course in Trichology and the subsequent award of the S.I.Tri. Certificate of Completion
  • The possibility to download all of the online lessons onto a personal computer

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To sign up for the course: 

1. Complete the online registration form

Complete the below registration form with your details to enroll in the course.

2. Sign the enrollment form

Once we receive your online registration form, we will send you the completed course enrollment form by email, which needs to be signed and returned via email.

3. Make the payment

We will send you the details in order to effect the payment for the course ( payment can be made via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer)

4. Start learning!

Once we have received the payment and signed enrollment form, the course materials will be activated on your online account and you can commence learning.

ATTENTION - SITRI MEMBERS: If you are already a member of S.I.TRI., you will already have a login and do not need to complete the below registration form. Please email SITRI at to enroll in the course.