Italian Academy of Hair Microscopy


Who Are We?

The Italian Academy of Hair Microscopy is an Italian Association dedicated to the study and scientific research of Microscopy in Trichology and Hair Science, in particular the use of Microscopy in Polarized Light.

We run national and international training courses teaching trichologists, doctors and technicians how use this important modality to help their clients who are suffering from problems with their hair and scalp.

What is Microscopy in Polarized Light?


Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) is a technique used to study trichological samples and pathologies – it simple, easy and cost-effective, and therefore extremely useful for daily clinical practice. It allows evaluation of the quality and structure of a hair, provides us with important information about the hair cycle, can be used interactively together with the patient, and enables targeted treatment choices. Polarized Light Microscopy is an incredibly useful tool for those managing and treating problems relating to hair.



We run courses around the world on how to use the Polarized Light Microscope and how to apply them for your client's benefit in trichological consultations.


Andrea Vanni
Executive Officer of S.I.Tri.

Executive Officer of the Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration and I.A.H.M.

Martina Candido

Biotech specialized in Trichological Science and expert in Microscopy in Polarized Light

Gianluigi Antognini

Expert in Microscopy in Polarized Light and international trainer of Microscopy


3-day Intensive Course in Polarized Light Microscopy

Open to doctors and trichology technicians.

    • 3 days of didactic and practical education.
    • Practice directly with the Polarized Light Microscope, and take it home with you at the end of the course.
    • Receive a certificate of training as a Polarized Light Technician.


IAHM School of Trichology

Open to doctors and trichology technicians.

    • 5-day intensive course covering the key concepts in Trichology, including:
      • Anatomy and physiology fundamentals
      • Commonly seen conditions
      • Videodermatoscopy and Microscopy in Polarized Light
      • Cosmetology
      • Scalp microbiome
      • Essential Oils in Trichology