Participant Reviews

Dr. Edwin Picasso 23 February 2024

"Today is my last day here in the clinic. I wanted to give you my feedack.
I have a really great experience, i learned a lot with dr. Gambino, and of its really great staff. I'm thankful for the opportunity you guys gave to me, thank you very much!
Anyways thank you again and i hope to be back here at Milano again!"

Thanks in advance
Edwin Picasso M.D - from Mexico

Dr. Amy Vowler 20 January 2024

"Thank you so much for all your support in the lead up to the course. The online modules were very informative. The weeks course with Professor Gambino was fantastic! He was so welcoming and keen to teach. It was very helpful and his team were lovely and knowledgeable. Thanky ou so much for having me it was a great course and i would recommend it to anyone like me starting out."

Thanks in advance
Amy Vowler M.D

Dr. Beitollahalakbar Soheil 23 January 2023

"A really great experience. I’d recommend the course to anyone. It was presented very well and professor Gambino clearly showed how to do hair transplantation, described different techniques from beginning to the end and the quality of the training setup was excellent."

Thanks in advance
Soheil Beitollahalkbar M.D

Dr Amer Nafis & Dr Henna Jaleel 31 July 2022

Feedback on Practical course:  Hair restoration Surgery supervised by Professor Gambino:

We would like to write with immense pleasure that our time spent with Prof Gambino and his team was extremely useful and enjoyable. Prof Gambino and his team welcomed us and gave us an opportunity to witness scalp and eyebrows hair transplant in varied age groups. There were both new and rebooked cases. We were given access to his entire clinic and operating rooms. We were able to observe, ask questions and Prof Gambino always answered our questions with great patience. It was indeed a treat to see Prof Gambino’s skill. His team were extremely skilled and gave us an opportunity to understand the procedure of preparing a hair follicle graft and implanting it on the scalp. Every member of the team was extremely helpful and made us feel welcomed. In summary we had a great learning experience while with Dr Gambino and his extremely skilled team and highly recommend this course to others.

Kind Regards

Dr. Karina Moran 25/05/2022

Dear S.I.Tri.,

I really enjoyed the rotation with Dr. Vincenzo Gambino, he is an extraordinary person, very accessible, he answered all our questions, he gave us advice on how to start doing the treatment. His team is incredible, very willing to help and teach you.  The City Milan I was delighted with the places and the food. I definitely highly recommend it.

Kind Regards

Dr. Karina Moran - Mexico


Dr. Kevaun Ragoonanan 29/04/2022

Dear S.I.Tri.,
Firstly, would like to say how truly wonderful the course was with Professor Gambino . We absorbed so much and was fully impressed by his professionalism and attitude to his patients. He surpassed our expectations and we are now fully confident in taking the first steps to commence our practice back here at home.

Dr. Kevaun Ragoonanan - Trinidad and Tobago


Dr. Vladimir Filipovic 12/06/2018

Dear S.I.Tri.,
Thank you for all the help you gave me in the process of organisation. It was a fantastic and intensive week in Milan. All as expected. And thank you for the certificate.
Here is a short review of the education I passed:

Impressed by the achievements of Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Gambino in hair transplantation surgery, I decided to attend his practical education. From the first day I was fully immersed in his work seeing what a fantastic team can achieve. They generously shared there experience and knowledge in the field. Every step of the FUE and FUT hair transplantation procedures, Prof. Gambino explained in detail. Firstly from the preparation of the patient prior to operation, possible medication treatments, always taking in mind a plan for eventual further need of hair transplantation. Introduced individually to every patient treatment that was operated at the clinic, Prof. Gambino showed me and explained the secrets of obtaining follicular units without transections, with FUE and FUT method, giving the least possible scar formation and avoiding complications. With the help of the team I exercised the art of strip slicing in follicular units and also the insertion of prepared follicular units into the recipient site. Felt like in a family who's every step was organized and functioning like a mechanism of a Swiss clock, in the purpose to have the best possible results and a complete satisfaction of the patient.
And as expected it was an intensive education that fulfilled all my expectations and thanks to Prof. Gambino gave me the knowledge to make a professional approach to the practice of FUE and FUT hair transplantation.

Dr. Vladimir Filipovic


Dr. Anna De Clerck 10/02/2019

Dear S.I.Tri.,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Vincenzo Gambino.
I’m very thankful for possibility to learn from the excellent hair transplant surgeon and his highly professional team! Very friendly and nice atmosphere in clinic helps you to feel directly comfortable.
During the whole week I was able to see different interesting cases of hair restoration. I definitely learned a lot during the observation of surgeries and I was always able to ask anything I want.
Thank you all!
Kind regards
Dr.Anna De Clerck